The Joy of Capsaicin..

God bless these people:

Cayenne Pepper Lozenges Sugar Free Capsaicin

Cayenne Pepper Candy

$9.95 lb.

Also known as capsaicin candy. These sugar-free lozenges have been known to relieve people of jaw pain often associated with TMJ or other mouth pain.  Although there is no medically proven benefit, many customers have bought these for years and say they temporarily relieve pain. Approx. 100 pcs per pound.



SINCE 1935


Route 20, Guilderland, New York 12009

I don’t know where Guilderland, NY is.  Nor do I know how this small company managed to be the ONLY one online I could find that offered immediate relief this week, but I’m giving credit where credit is due. At this point in my day, I would walk there and hand-deliver a ‘Thank You’ card, if it wasn’t bitterly cold outside. (Holy crap it’s cold!)  There is something to be said for “grandma’s home remedies”. I’ve learned that living in the South as well (did you know tobacco from a cigarette can instantly soothe bee stings?  Truth.) While I have some leads on some potentially good specialists out there who can assist me with my trigeminal neuralgia, possible procedures, etc., it is disheartening that I may have to visit places such as out-of-states/Johns Hopkins/the like. I really wanted to take vacations this year, not have medical procedures. And even worse, that  slow, stop and go pace required in today’s medical world.  Hurry up and wait.  Hurry up and wait.  It’s the nature of the beast, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t SUCK.

This morning I reached an all time low (or should I say high, in terms of pain level).  Isn’t it amazing where your mind goes when in acute pain?  My pain is sort of like this fire that’s always burning.  Occasionally someone uses a poker and shifts the coals around, or maybe adds another log.  Usually is doesn’t get bad until the sun goes down, but today?  9:30 a.m., and the fire was burnin’.  Some little devil decided to POKE, POKE, POKE and in all but minutes I became a raging, fire-breathing bitch.

So, all I had were these 2 lbs of candy I ordered on a whim this week after seeing an outdated site from 2001 which said capsaicin candy can help with mouth pain.  I think the theory here is that given another distraction like capsaicin, it’s actually relieving the other strong pain.  For once, fighting fire with fire seems to be a smart idea.  Well, way to go, grandma!!

So, thank you, Candy Kraft.  You’ve got my nose fiercely running like a faucet, but the lozenges are tucked under my tongue and providing relief, albeit temporary, for right now.  Keep making these goodies for the small percentage who find your site out of sheer pain!

I can’t guarantee I’ll feel this way in an hour, but this reprieve is what I needed right now, and for now, that’s all I have (sniffle, sniffle).


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