“Dance! Boogie Sober-Land!”


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First and foremost, R.I.P., Maurice White…for I can dance to you in rare alone, housecleaning, cooking, getting ready for dates, and music therapy moments.

I went on a ski trip last weekend with a rambunctious crowd.  I knew from going last year that one night would be a ‘party and dance your ass off night.’  One that involved copious amounts of alcohol (and copious amounts of hangovers, hahaha). Now, I am sober, and can I just say, since getting so, dancing is hard!  I used to LOVE to boogie, back my ass up, get down, get it girl, drop it like it’s hot, you name it.

So, the party is in full force, and we had an array of partiers.  (I’m using different names here).  Natalie decided it was time to not only back her ass up, but circle that ass like a ferris wheel on speed, Julie was waving her Farrah Fawcett hair back into some breeze (where was the fan….and….why?),  as well as dancing like a sexy horse/unicorn, if that’s possible.  I’ll just say the men enjoyed it.  The MEN:  I’m not sure what any of them were doing.  Men seem to think they know what they’re doing on the dance floor with alcohol in them, ever notice that?  I’m fairly certain I danced with my boyfriend 80’s style to “Baby Got Back.”

Now let’s get to that part.  I danced.  Dancing is HARD when you’re SOBER!!!!  Ya know?  It takes a group of people you’re comfortable/don’t care/won’t ever see again/are extremely persuasive in letting you’re freak flag fly/are as weird as you to “boogie soberland.”  I’m serious.  So with this group,  I quickly realized they all fell into one of these categories, and soon I was letting my freak flag fly and it was lovely.  When a sober person dances and has a genuine smile on his/her face it’s special (unless you’re a completely uninhibited sober person, like my friend Matt, in which case, nevermind)….and we also don’t wake with that nasty hangover.  😉